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Raising authentic, brave, confident kids who are happy, 

one moment at a time. 

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Parenting is hard. We are consumed by searching for solutions to kids' behaviors, and worrying about the future while simultaneously over-analyzing the past. Every parent expects too much from themselves: “If only I could more consistently say the right things at the right time…” Parents are left feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and often confused.


The MicroStep Method offers the answers. Parents should be heartened that parenting is an endless continuum of opportunities to communicate and connect. These in-the-moment exchanges between parents and children—Mary calls these MicroStep Moments—often take less than a few minutes. Not only is their impact immediate but they compound, leading to a deeper bond, better behavior, and ultimately resilient kids who thrive.


Mary’s easy-to-implement scripts equip parents to confront the daunting goal and responsibility of empowering their children. The suggestions are straightforward and practical; you’ll find these MicroStep Moments understandable, digestible, and relatable.


And rather than relying solely on anecdotal experience or on academically-based brain science and child development research, both are core pillars to the formulation—and success—of The MicroStep Method.


The MicroStep Method will help you become the parent that you want to be and that your children need you to be.

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Available August 2023

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About Mary Smith

Mary is the mother to four closely-aged daughters. She is an inspiring speaker and a parent coach dedicated to equipping parents with the insights and practical techniques to navigate modern-day parenting challenges. Mary holds a Masters in Business and is a Master Certified Life Coach, a Certified Positive Discipline Expert, and a (soon to be) multi-published parenting author. With her relatable manner, expertise, and personal experience, Mary transforms parenting problems into connecting moments which, ultimately, nurture cooperative, kind, and resilient children.

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